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Puffer Jacket for a range of stylish and high-quality Puffer Jackets look no further than the range at New York Leather Company. Whether you’re looking for a casual leather gilet or a smarter structured leather waistcoat we’re confident you’ll find something for you in our stylish collection. Leather is a great material, bringing a timelessly cool element to any looking and instantly bringing your wardrobe bang on trend. The range of Puffer Jackets from The New York Leather Company contains pieces from top brands in the industry, such as Ashwood. Our Puffer Jackets and gilets are all made from 100% genuine leather, promising a soft, high quality, and luxurious feeling finish.

High-Quality Puffer Jackets

A luxury Puffer Jacket or gilet from New York Leather Company promises unrelenting high quality, giving you a stylish piece that will last for years to come. As a company, we pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment when it comes to sourcing only the best leathers. Every product in our collection is made with high-quality leather, so you can be confident that your new  Puffer Jackets from New York Leather Company are fashionable and luxuriously high quality. Some puffer jackets use down, but much more use synthetic insulation that can be lighter than down and still provide the same warmth. Synthetic insulation doesn’t clump or break apart after washing as much as down, so it makes for a better work jacket. Style-wise, puffer jackets get their name from the pattern of stitched sections filled with insulation to give them that “puffy” look. Depending on the quality, density, and loft of insulation, synthetic or not, a puffer jacket can range in its “puffiness.” Some puffer jackets can get bulky, limiting your range of motion. Think back to your mom over-bundling you to go play outside in winter and you know what it’s like to wear a very “puffy” jacket.

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