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How to measure


Measure from your toes to the top of your head.


Measure the fullest part and across the shoulder blades.


Measure around the natural waistline.


Measure around the fullest part of the hip.

Inside Leg

Measure from the top of the crotch to the floor (this is a body measurement and garment lengths may vary according to style).




Alternatively, if you are borderline between sizes and, or would like guidance on the best size for you please add in the Special Instructions box on the order checkout page the below information:

  • Chest measurement – up-to-date actual chest measurement:
  • Waist measurement (at the widest point – very important if the jacket is to be done up):
  • Size usually taken

Alternatively, you can provide measurements from a jacket or coat that fits you well. The garment needs to be zipped/buttoned up and laid flat on a flat surface (e.g. table or floor). Please check the garment is completely flat (check it is not rippled on the underside) before any measurements are taken.

1) Flat Chest – from underarm to underarm (to provide the width of the jacket when completely flat):

2) Flat Waist – edge-to-edge measurement across the narrowest point:

3) Flat Hips – applies to coats and long jackets – width across the widest part of the hips:

 NOTE 1: The flat measurements above are to be e-mailed to New York Leather Company for us to check the relevant size in the jacket style or coat style you wish to order.  Please e-mail us with the above flat garment measurement together with the name of the garment style and colour you are after, please also advise; your height, trouser size, bra size (including cup), usual size in tops/jackets (and if this varies by brand) and desired fit.


NOTE 2:  Please note that the size chart on each product page details the ‘ to fit chest’ which relates to the person’s actual chest measurement over clothes (with the tape touching). Therefore the ‘to fit chest’ size is not the same as the garment's external flat dimensions as above. Please remember that slim-fit garments offer a minimal space allowance and always narrow into the waist by about 4 – 5″ (10-12cm). Semi-fitted garments offer a smart fit with a bit more room to allow for a thin-fit pullover but also narrow into the waist slightly. Comfort-fit garments are straight cut from the chest to the waist and allow more room for a jumper; therefore you should not need to order a bigger size unless the stomach area is wider than the chest size. Loose-fit garments allow for a suit jacket/blazer underneath, therefore individuals only planning to wear a regular fine knit wool jumper may be able to drop down 1 size provided the stomach area is not wider than the ‘to fit chest’ size. 

Wrong Size?

If the leather is just a little tight or snug, we would suggest sticking with it as the leather, like a shoe, will give a little over time.

You will require a new size if the garment is noticeably uncomfortable, and/or difficult to ‘do up’.

Each increase in size will typically see a 2-inch gain across the chest and waist, the shoulder only widens very marginally by a ¼ inch on each side and the sleeve length may increase by about ¼ to ½ of an inch.

In special circumstances, you may be between two sizes, which we may be able to help with. If for example, you need to go up a size in the chest but wish the shoulder and sleeve measurements to remain the same please let us know when requesting the exchange and we may, after checking existing stock, be able to find a suitable replacement.

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