Men's Leather Jackets

Men’s leather jackets have always been a classic choice for outerwear. They’re tough, versatile, and come in lots of styles, from classic to trendy. When it comes to style and function, nothing beats a leather jacket.

But with so many options out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. Whether you’re a biker crew or just someone who loves fashion, this guide will help you find the perfect leather jacket. We’ll cover everything from the types of leather jackets to how to tell if they’re real, including thickness, colors, and authenticity.

About Men Leather Jackets Collection

Leather jackets are popular coats for men all over the world. They look cool, can be worn in many ways, and come in lots of styles, making them great for any closet. Whether you're a biker, love fashion, or just like nice clothes, this guide will help you pick the best leather jacket.

Types of Leather Jackets for Men - Based on Style

Biker Leather Jackets

Biker leather jackets are cool and a bit wild, with zippers that aren't straight, snap buttons, and often a belt around the waist. There are two types: double rider jackets and cafe racer jackets. They're not just for people who ride motorcycles but also for anyone who likes stylish clothes.

Leather Bomber Jackets

Bomber leather jackets started as military uniforms. They have stretchy collars, waistbands, and zippered pockets. Some are boxy, while others fit more closely to the body, making them popular with many people.

Aviator Leather Jackets

Aviator leather jackets are inspired by military flight jackets. They have warm, fuzzy collars and cuffs. They are stylish and keep you warm, making them a popular choice for a long time.

Vintage Leather Jackets

Vintage leather jackets look old and cool with their worn-out look and special details. They are great for people who like a bit of old-fashioned style in their clothes.

Hooded Leather Jackets

Hooded leather jackets combine tough leather with a useful hood, making them perfect for everyday wear. Many of them have a hood that you can take off.

Suede Jackets

Suede jackets feel really nice because they’re made from soft suede. They come in lots of colors and can be worn for relaxed or slightly fancy events.

Leather Vests

Leather vests look smooth and neat. You can wear them over other clothes to look fancy.

Leather Trench Coats

Leather trench coats are super fancy and stylish. They have a special design with two rows of buttons.

Leather Blazers

Leather blazers look like regular fancy jackets but cooler because they’re made of tough leather. You can wear them for fancy occasions or just hanging out.

Types of Leather Jackets for Men - Based on Leather Type

Cowhide Leather Jackets

Cowhide Leather jackets are super tough and great for wearing every day. They keep you safe and look rugged.

Sheepskin Leather Jackets

Sheepskin Leather jackets are really soft and light, perfect for wearing in the fall or when it’s cold and you have lots of layers on.

Shearling Leather Jackets

Shearling Leather coats are extra warm and cozy, with soft wool inside. They're perfect for places where it gets really cold.

Goatskin Leather Jackets

Goatskin Leather jackets are strong but not heavy. They're good for lots of different things because they last a long time.

Lambskin Leather Jackets

Lambskin Leather jackets are so soft and light, and they make you look really cool. They're perfect for people who want to look stylish and be comfy.

Types Of Leather Jackets For Men - Based On Color

Classic Black: Black leather jackets are a must-have in your closet because they always look cool with anything you wear.

Brown Leather: Brown leather jackets come in lots of different shades, from dark chocolate to light tan, and they make you look warm and classy.

Distressed Leather: Distressed leather jackets look old and cool, like you've had them for a long time.

Bold Colors: If you want everyone to notice you, wear a leather jacket in a bold color like red. It will make your outfit stand out.

Cool Colors: Blue leather jackets are really stylish and make you look fresh and cool.

Neutrals: Besides black and brown, colors like navy blue, gray, and olive green are great choices because they go with everything and make you look fancy.

One clothing item that’s always cool is the leather jacket. They’ve been popular since the early 1900s when pilots wore them to stay warm at high altitudes. But soon, everyone loved them for fashion.

Why are they so great? Well, there are a few reasons.

Leather jackets come in lots of styles, colors, and types, so there’s one for everyone. They’ve stayed cool for over a century while other styles come and go. If you want something that never goes out of style, get a bomber leather jacket.

Besides looking cool, leather jackets keep you warm and protect you from bad weather. You can wear them in any season, not just winter.

As leather jackets get older, they get softer and comfier. They’ll last a long time if you take care of them.

Even though black leather jackets and brown leather jackets are popular, you can find them in lots of colors now.

A leather jacket can make any outfit look fancy. If you’re not sure what to wear, just throw on a leather jacket. No wardrobe is complete without one.

Choosing the Perfect Leather Jacket For Men

Q. What is the best thickness for a leather jacket?

It depends on what you like and where you live. If it’s cold where you are, a thicker jacket with lining can keep you warm. Generally, leather over 1.4mm is thick. But if you want something lighter, or it’s not too cold, a thinner jacket between 0.5 to 0.9mm can be comfy and easy to move in.

Q. Which color of leather jacket is best for men?

It’s all about what you like and how versatile you want it to be. Black leather jackets are always a good choice because they go with everything. Brown jackets have a cool rustic vibe, while navy blue and gray are a bit different but still stylish. Think about what you already wear and pick a color that fits your style.

Q. Are handmade leather jackets better?

Definitely! Handmade leather jackets are top-notch when it comes to quality. Skilled craftsmen pay attention to every detail, making each jacket unique and special. Mass-produced jackets just can’t compare. Sure, handmade jackets might cost more, but they’re worth it because they’ll last a long time.

Quality and Authenticity Of Men’s Leather Jackets

Q. How can you tell if a jacket is real leather?

Making sure a leather jacket is real is really important so you know you’re getting the genuine thing. Look for little signs like the smell of real leather, a texture that’s not too perfect, and little bumps in the grain. Real jackets might also have labels showing what kind of leather they’re made from. Brands like New York Leather Company are trustworthy and only use real leather for their men's leather jackets.

Q. How long will a leather jacket last?

Taking good care of your leather jacket is super important if you want it to last a long time. The quality of the leather, how well it was made, and how you take care of it all affect how long it lasts. Cleaning and conditioning it regularly, storing it right, and not letting it get too beat up by bad weather can all help it stay looking great for years and years.

Q. Do real leather jackets peel?

Real leather jackets shouldn’t peel if they’re made from good leather and you take care of them right. Peeling usually happens with cheap or fake leather jackets. If you get a real full-grain leather jacket and look after it properly, you shouldn’t have any peeling problems and it’ll last a long time.

More Into Different Types of Men’s Leather Jackets

Q. Are men’s genuine leather coats & jackets the same as real leather jackets?

The “Real leather” and “genuine leather” are often used together, but they mean different things. Real leather includes all kinds of leather from animals. Genuine leather is real, but it’s made from the lower layers of the hide, so it’s not as good quality as top-grain or full-grain leather. It’s important to know this when choosing between a genuine leather jacket, which is usually cheaper, and a higher-quality real leather coat or jacket.

Q. Why are full-grain leather jackets the best?

Full-grain leather is the top quality you can get. It comes from the very top layer of the hide, so it keeps its natural texture and markings. Full-grain jackets are super strong and durable, and they look even better as they get older. They’re a great investment if you want the best quality men’s leather jackets.

Why choose us? 

New York Leather Company is all about top-notch luxury leather jackets. We’ve been super successful because we make amazing jackets at great prices. We only use real leather to make our jackets, so you know you’re getting the best quality. Our jackets are so cool, they’ll totally change your style game.

Point Of Difference

New York Leather Company stand out because they’re made from top-notch, 100% real leather sourced from the best cattle. We’re the top choice for luxury leather jackets because we connect directly with our customers. Our affordable prices are possible because we make jackets just for you and deliver them right to your door.

Product And Services

New York Leather Company are all about Made to Measure. This means you can customize your own jacket to fit your body perfectly. A jacket that fits just right is a winner!

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