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Vests coats is a piece of clothing most often worn as part of a man’s suit it’s the sleeveless garment you wear over a button-up shirt and under a suit jacket. A waistcoat is essentially the same thing as a formal vest. It is usually worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a coat as a part of most men’s formal wear. The west coats worn with white- and black- tie are different from standard daytime single-breasted waistcoats, being much lower in cut (with three buttons or four buttons, where all are fastened). The much larger expanse of the shirt compared to a daytime waistcoat allows more variety of form, with “U” or “V” shapes possible, and there is a large choice of outlines for the tips, ranging from point to flat or rounded. The color normally matches the tie, so only black barathea wool, grosgrain, or satin, and white Marcella, grosgrain or satin are worn, although white waistcoats used to be worn with a black tie in early forms of the dress.


Waiters, sometimes also waitresses, and other people working at white-tie events, to distinguish themselves from guests, sometimes wear a gray tie, which consists of the dress coat of white tie (a squarely cut away tailcoat) with the black waistcoat and tie of black tie. Here at New York Leather Company, you will find a large number of different categories like Engagement, Party, Slim Fit Waistcoats, Other Occasion, and many more in which you will find tons of impressive Waistcoats with the likes of many more which are surely going to be great additions to our amazing categories.

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