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Why Our Suede Jackets

Suede jackets is only made from cow skin it can be made from many animals. Leather is the top of the animal's skin. Suede is the soft underside of the skin of an animal — lambskin, deer, calves, pigs, or goats. There are major differences between leather and suede fabric. Since suede is softer than leather, it’s permeable in a way leather isn’t. Leather is more water-resistant, for example. Suede isn’t. It stains more easily than others and is treated as a luxury fabric.

A History Of Suede Jackets

Early man as far back as the Paleolithic Era used animal skins to protect his body from the elements. Most of the known world at that time had been recently covered with ice, so some protection was vital. The word Suede Leather l is French for Gants de Suede, or, literally, gloves from Sweden. In time, the term came to be known for any napped leather surface.

Early men had to figure out a way to tan the Suede leather to make it softer and more wearable. One way was to wear the grain leather on the inside with the soft suede underskin on the outside. Sometimes that worked, but most often, early men needed another way to tan their skin. The second way was to separate the grain leather from the suede underside. This was called split leather. The napped, fuzzy underside was revealed, while the leather was somehow rendered softer and more flexible.

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